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IMpimpingURmom's Journal
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Friday, June 29th, 2001
7:59 pm
Long time no talk
What,s up all you peeps out there! It's been awhile since I wrote in my journal, but I am sure you don't care anyways. Well lets see here what has happened in my strange ass life, hmmmm... Oh my friend Justin moved in w/ me so please when you Instant Message me check to see who you talkin to because you might just be talkin to him. I have been really busy w/ work, I just took on a second job so I have barely any time to kick it w/ my friends, which pisses me off. Basically the only friend that it has effected is my friend Joe, which makes me kinda depressed because he and Justin are the only ones of my friends that I have a fun with : ( Well Joe if you readin this don't be shy call me MMMkaay, remember all the laughs we have had lets not let them die! I can't wait for Mexico, I leave the 20th of July and get back the 27th,and just before I go I get my braces of July 16 & 17 its gonna be tight. Ohh.. yeah did I mention no parents just My friend Brian, my sis which is 20, her friend and I, and we are staying in separate rooms. I am gonna get hella fucked up and have the time of my life. Then when I get back its all about focusing on getting a car cause I turn 16 here in August so I will be drivin hella soon. My love life couldn't get better, Katie is gettin more beautiful everday and I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather be with. She is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about when I got to sleep at night. I have been tryin to spend as much time as I can w/ her but she is always busy so its kinda hard, but we both try as hard as we can to be together. Well kids I am about to sign off so you all have a great day and lick a chode!

Current Mood: busy
Monday, June 18th, 2001
4:57 pm
Great weekend!
The weekend was hella cool Friday I went to the YMCA w/ my cuz from 10 to midnight. The whole day on saturday was a preparationsfor Graduationdance. I had the best time w/ Katie I couldn't of asked for a better date she was perfect in every way. We ate dinner at the Keg w/ all my friends, then went to bowling, arcade, lazer tag, TCBY, dance, and then finally back to my house for some fun in the hot tub. All and all me and katie were the only ones who had fun through the whole date. And then Sunday I had to work all day but the odd thing was the only thing I could think about was Katie. I am not sure whats goin on about the feelings I have about her, but all I know is that I like it and I like her alot so whatever happens from here is a mystery to me. And plus I am not sure how she feels about me I know she likes me I just don't know how strong they are for me. Well I guess only time will tell so I am just goin to sit back and hope for the best cause I cannot wait to kiss those sweet soft lips agian. Well kids got to go []Deace and love ya all and don't forget to lick a chode!

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, June 14th, 2001
10:08 pm
Oooouch once agian! Damn I am dumb
Whats up everyone today I missed the bus so I ended up going up to Austins house and riding to school on bikes. But this was no ordinary bike this was a small ass miniature bike that even my 5 year old sis can't ride cause its so small. N-E ways I had to ride this thing to school and I end up going down this hill haulin ass and knowing my luck a car pulls out in front of me and I hit it hella hard smashing into the side of the car falling to the ground. I got up all shaken up not still dazed made sure my donuts were ok then made sure I was then I look to see who it was I hit and it turned out to be one of my teachers that I hit so I ran before he could get out. The rest of the day was makin peeps laughin at school which is a typical normal thing for me, its like a daily routine. After school I went to go visit Katie at her friends house and she was hella baked which I really don't agree to but I drink so I can't really have no room to talk. It's all good I still think shes beautiful and cool it doesn't change the way I look at her one bit. Well that about sums it up I came home watched "Vertical Limit" which by the way was hella cool and now I am about to go to bed, so
[]Deace and Love ya all!

Current Mood: shocked
Tuesday, June 12th, 2001
5:00 pm
Sucks to be him!
What up everyone! Today sucked hella bad for my friend (Austin) we come home from school to tape our project and he had too bring over his cam corder to tape a certain scene outside and he ended up dropping it on the ground and to top it off we were bitching at each other, which I hate to do but its all good were best friends and we forgive eachother. We then picked it up hopping that it would not be broken and it turns out he broke the whole thing so he has to pay for it and he doesn't get a birthday present or get to graduation. But what made up this day was my best friends (Brian) 16 birthday, he got his license, and its kinda weird because I remember when we were lil kids and we used to dream about the day we got our license and now it has come and I am getting mine in 2 months so its hella cool. Well kids got to go time to finish the rest of our video taping w/ my camera []Deace and Love!

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, June 11th, 2001
3:34 pm
School What Else is There to Say?
Today was like any other day at school, BORING! But that's ok school gets out in exactly 7 1/2 days but really for me only it's 4 days really left of doin work cause the last 3 1/2 days of school are grad games, year books, and graduation, HELLS YA! I am lookin forward to graduation dance because I am takin this cutie named Katie, she's got a awesome personality, killer body, and a cute face. I don't think I would rather go w/ anyone else. N-E ways were goin w/ her two best friends Stephanie and Lauren and i think if katie couldn't go I would for sure go w/ stephanie she's exactly like katie, you just can't help but love them both. We've decided before we eat to go play lazer tag while we are dressed up and pretty, when finished w/ that off to eat at the Keg were I work, then go to the dance from there, and god know what will happen after the dance. Well it's time to go now I have a big ass Science project, and a shit load of finals to study for so gots to go, []Deace and Love ya all!

Current Mood: stressed
Sunday, June 10th, 2001
8:06 pm
Today was just another day on my non stop exciting life! I really didn't do much of anything today becuase I had to watch my sister. But I did manage to sneak out and go up to my neighbor Austins house (he's like my lil brother even though he is only a year younger than me) and we went to these bike jumps and jumped our bikes. I started to get cocky because I was doing pretty good, so I decided to get some major speed and jump it, but I ended up losing control about 8 feet in the air and landed on a near by log next to the jump and biffed it hard! I ended up breaking the front of the bike and slid a 6 feet on the ground cutting up my knee and elbow and taking out a peice of skin out of my hip, but what doesnt kill me, makes me stronger! That was about the highlight of my day, the rest of my day I have been watchin my sis and eatin. Ohh ya my Ex came over w/ Austin and they were all up on eachother on my bed, surprisingly i didn't care cause I had my turn when we went out and got much farther, and also as she was over here I realized way i broke up w/ her in the first place! But she is a good friend w/ benifit so its all good. N-E ways I have to go now so catch w/ you pants down and don't forget to eat your poo!

Current Mood: drained
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